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Need accountability to show up on LinkedIn?

Hire me to get your skates on

Boringly, it's vital to be consistent on LinkedIn. If you're struggling to know what to post or keep showing up regularly, I got you. 


Plan your content

Get shit done

Stay consistent


Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to LinkedIn?

  • You post for a while then stop (damaging your reach)

  • You aren't sure how to write killer posts  

  • You want to be known for your thing, but don't know how 

  • You need someone to push you along


Stop getting annoyed with yourself and take action

Get serious on LinkedIn with me by your side

Plan your content

We will plan each post you're gonna share. 

Refine your message

We will hit your customer in the wriggly bits. 

Build your confidence

We will boost your mojo to reach your LinkedIn goals.


Rent my LinkedIn brain for three month

I can be quite pushy if you need me to be. 

What’s included in LinkedIn rollerskates 🛼

One content planning session per month

Together, we work out everything you're posting for the month:

  • Topics
  • Formats
  • Hooks
  • Messaging
  • Tone of voice

1 x 60 minute session per month

One progress check per month

We touch base to:

  • Get your questions answered
  • Get my feedback
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Generally encourage you by saying nice things

1 x 30 minute session per month


One content Loom review per month: 

  • Send me your written drafts and I'll give feedback
  • I'll film myself with Loom and give you pointers on how to make your written posts more impactful. 
  • This will build your confidence in your ability to write a killer post. 

Access to my hook book: 

  • I have an amazing collection of LinkedIn hooks.
  • It's eight pages and getting longer - because I keep adding to it.  
  • You'll get access, so you'll never struggle to find a good hook again. 

Ask me anything 

  • Anytime, via LinkedIn DM

Plus, I'll be watching you 

One of the biggest things people struggle with? Accountability. 

So over the three months, I’ll be watching you and making sure you take action. 

Which means you will start taking imperfect action and learn how to stay consistent on LinkedIn no matter what else is going on. (Because something else is always going on)


After three months, you won't need me any more

  • You’ll have your perfect content creation system. 
  • You’ll feel waaaaay more confident in your ability to write kickass LinkedIn posts. 
  • You’ll feel really confident about LinkedIn and how you use it to reach your goals. 
  • You will grow your network of ideal clients
  • You may even be getting some high quality leads via LinkedIn 💃💃💃

Your investment includes

  • One planning session per month (for three months) 
  • One progress session per month (for three months) 
  • One content Loom review per month (for three months) 
  • Unlimited questions answered via LinkedIn DM (for three months) 
  • Me stalking you to keep you accountable (for three months)



Frequently asked questions

About you

You’re brilliant at what you do. You get fabulous results. But you don’t have the profile you want. You’re ready to stop overthinking and start taking action to blow your own socks off.

About me

I am a curious and rather talkative LinkedIn coach ready to help you get visible and grow your business. I come with extensive experience in PR and copywriting and a great recipe for lemon curd teacake.

Acknowledgement of country

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where I work and live. I pay my respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging. I celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.

Diversity statement

I work with a diverse array of people of varying background, gender identity, sexual orientation, beliefs, ethnicities or ability. I strive to make everyone feel welcomed, heard and recognised for the unique perspective they bring to the world.